Napkin I.D. Rings

To save money we switched from paper napkins to cloth napkins a few years ago.  I found that we needed a way to I.D. our barely used dinner napkins so they could be re-used again during snack times.  Unfortunately, I never was able to come up with a good way to do this.  That is until I  came across these adorable (and clearanced) beads.  I'm soooo excited to have our ID napkin rings.  Not only are they functional...they are CUTE.  And to top it off, hey save me from having to wash extra napkins!  Does it get any better?

This project took about an hour to make almost a dozen I.D. rings.

Here is what you need...

Boiled Egg Blues

Alas, my first 'Not Martha' feather. It comes to you out of pure frustration!  (And hopes that someone can comment with a few tried and true tips to help me.) 

As you can see, no matter what technique I try, I never seem to get my hard boiled eggs to peel without tearing off large portions of the whites along with the shell. 

DIY - Sewing Cloth Napkins

Today's Feather: 
Make Your Own Cloth Napkins - DIY Tutorial

This project is great for anyone needing everyday napkins or wanting to whip up something cute to give as a HOSTESS GIFT.

CAUTION:  Look away all you seamstresses.  This tutorial will drive you crazy!  As I mentioned before...I am a  'slam bam thank you mam' sewer.  I'm not a skilled sewer and I don't know proper techniques.  But....I do get the job done which makes me smile.  :o)

Here is what you'll need...  

Why I Chose Cloth Napkins - Thrifty Living = Nest Egg & Natural Living

Before we get into today's post, a quick intro to future posts.  Stay tuned for these DIY Tutorials appearing this week and next:
       Sewing cloth napkins        Napkin ID Rings aka Bling               From Pickle Jars to Table Decor                       Yarn Gone Wild

Today's Post:  
Why I Chose Cloth Napkins  - Thrifty Living = Nest Egg & Natural Living

Today's post is a 'double threat' and will touch on two categories;  Thrifty Living = Nest Egg & Natural Living.  As time goes on you will find that these topics go hand in hand and will almost always cross over each other. 

Switching from paper to cloth was one of the first changes I made towards living economically leaner.  Although saving trees was a consideration, it was only a minor part of my decision.  As selfish as it sounds, the truth is that I mostly wanted to save my pocketbook.  My household typically used two to three rolls of

Resurrection Rolls

These hollow dinner rolls-that represent Jesus' empty tomb-are not only an Easter tradition in my home, they are the highlight of our Easter celebration meal.  They are expected so much that when my kids saw me making these for this tutorial they were confused and kept asking if today was Easter.  You can imagine the bliss on their faces as I explained I was making them to share with you and they realized they would get to enjoy them twice this season.  

Here is what you need...

Fabric Cabbage Roses

There are so many uses for these little beauties.

And I haven't even  began to list all the neat jewelry and ways you can accent your outfits.

So, is your mouth watering yet ????????

Lets not wait any longer.  Lets get started learning how to create these fabric roses.

Here is what you need:

fabric - something nylon, organza, polyester, satin or lining fabric
circle templates - FREE download link in the tutorial
needle & thread
optional - button to adorn the middle

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