Pronunciation: \ˈnest\

a place or specially modified structure serving as an abodea place of rest, retreat, or lodging

a group of objects made to fit close together or one within another

Women nest. It’s what we do. Some more daintily than others. Some build with grace and ease some with elbow grease and grit. Some nests are tidier, more structured, and sturdy, while others are wild and loose and ill-positioned. Some of our nests are small and twiggy: a work in progress with much life left to be collected. Still others shelter fragile eggs: a promise of new life and the mystery of motherhood. Some of us are living that mystery, with mouths to feed and tweets to quiet and confidence to build as we wait for the day when we’ll have to push them to fly. And then there are some whose nest sits empty, evidence of a job well done but empty nonetheless.

Either way, we gather our life in fragments of victories and devastations, triumphs and disappointments. We spit, weave, pound, twist, bend...finding purpose in every experience and a lesson under every turned-up stone.

We build our nests as a refuge: a place where we can lay our head at night satisfied with a day well-lived or where we can land in the middle of a turbulent storm, bury our head in our feathers and wait for the calm that comes as a companion to new mercies in the morning hour.

Back to the original point: women nest. It’s what we do. This blog serves as a place to share the journey. I hope to pack its contents with bits of hope and wisdom and nesting materials picked up along the way.

Above all else, I hope to encourage an intimate journey with Jesus Christ. It is what holds our life together in its entirety. The Hope that we have find in Him is the mud, glue and grit of our nest, and He alone can keep us from falling apart.

{Written by my dear friend who has an amazing gift of taking what the heart wants to express and composing it in a way that captivates every reader.  Jody...Thanks for helping me get this vision on paper.  Just an fyi...I claim the first copy of the book that you will one day publish!}
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