Who is YOUR mommy guru?

A friend of mine recently shared an article with me called Every Mother Needs A Mom Guru.  Who's Yours?  I absolutely loved it.  "Finally!" I thought after reading it.  "Someone who gets it!"  (I've attached the article below so you could enjoy it as well.)

When it comes to pregnancy, birth and raising our children, I feel as though our culture will many times position moms to be automatic failures right from the beginning of becoming a mom.  We have an overwhelming amount of medical interventions that tell us "your body isn't going to carry and birth your baby on its own...its incapable...you have to have me to do it."  And after our baby is born we have every psychologist telling us "if you follow that model for raising your family your going to ruin your child....do it this way".  Then there are others who act as if we are supposed to have this-as she describes it in the article-"magical" ability to be able to reach inside ourselves for the constant encouragement that is needed to be a mom.  With so many people telling us how to do our job (all in different ways mind you) how are we to ever feel like we can succeed?

Spinach & Quiona

Not many recipes surprise me.  But this recipe that I found on Simple Daily Recipes did.  I was expecting a particular flavor and ended up with something better. All I have to say is Yummo!!

I was drawn to this recipe originally because of my new found interest in Quiona.  I could sit here and list all the wonderful things about Quiona.  Like that it has the highest 'non meat' protein  you could consume...but I'm not.  Like that it is LOADED with all kids of vitamins...but I'm not.  I could tell you that I've used it with grilled veggies, as a sweet breakfast cereal or blended in smoothies...but I'm not.  You'll just have to google and find out all the wonderful things about Quiona on your own.  :o)  Mr. google can refer you to more accredited places to find this information than here.  Go ahead...get to it.  Get your google on.

Serves 4-6

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