A Martha Stewart I am NOT -- bloopers and outtakes

I think as women we sometimes have a tendency to compare ourselves to one another. We look only at the outer presentation of others-viewing them as extraordinary 'have it all together' individuals.  Ultimately this leaves our own image in a place of inadequacy.  

Because I am getting to know most of you through a social network (in this case a blog), I knew that unless I made a way for you to have access to my mishaps, you would only see to the successes that I chose to post.   You would never realize that for every success posted, there were several failures.  You would never get to laugh with me about the fact that I have more burnt skillets than I do successful recipes. (Just ask my husband-its true!)  You wouldn't get to relate to the fact that my house is usually...well...lets just say its a constant battle to keep it organized.  And my crafts...lets not even go there.  Most of them are disasters that would leave you reeling with giggles.  (You can ask my sister about this one.  I sewed her kids a gift this last Christmas that came apart the day they opened it.)

So, in an effort to make a real connection with you and to prevent a 'Martha Stewart' persona, I decided to create a section to share all my bloopers and outtakes.

I hope you enjoy these glimpses into the reality of my life. 

Boiled Egg Blues -
HELP! Anyone have tried & true methods to getting a perfectly shelled boiled egg?

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