Strawberry Pie Made Easy and 'Delish'

I have so many posts to get online.  This particular one was created back around Easter.  I guess better late than never huh?

 If you have strawberries that you want to enjoy and you know I'll be coming'd better hide them fast! I have always LOVED eating strawberries (especially when I'm pregnant).  Most people eat them by the handful...I eat them by the quart-ful.

My grandmother makes the most amazing strawberry pies.  They taste so spectacular that I always assumed they were hard to make.  This summer I decided it was time to finally make them for myself and I realized that her recipe couldn't be easier.  This was a bitter sweet discovery.  On one hand, I could easily make pies for my family to enjoy.  On the other hand, I could easily make pies that I could enjoy...and enjoy...and enjoy...and enjoy.  You get the picture.  Once a strawberry hoard...always a strawberry hoard.


frozen pie shell (one that is already formed in aluminum pie dish)
2 quarts strawberries
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
2 Tbs cornstarch
3 Tbs strawberry jello (less than 1/2 a package)

Up-cycling Old Jars, Crystal Glasses and Candle Stick Holders

If your an avid blog reader, you've seen this before.  But if you haven''ll want to stick around.  This is another cheap and quick way to create decor for your home.


old glassware
old food jars
primer spray paint
white spray paint
gorilla glue (or something comparable)

I love up-cycling old items and finding new ways to
use them.  While I was out at the thrift stores, I collected a variety of old glassware.  A couple glass candle sticks, a big wooden candle stick, a vase, an ice cream sunday glass and a crystal martini glass.

At my house I had saved a couple small candle holders, a pick jar, a pimento jar, a coconut oil jar, an octagon Harry and Davids jar and a small octagon fruit preserves jar.


I'm sure many of you have wondered if I was ever going to come back.  I'm still here and have been thinking of everyone often.  Thank you for being patient as I prepared for out new family addition.  She has now arrived and we are doing wonderful.  As soon as my "babymoon" (honeymoon minus the honey...he he) is over, I'll be adding more posts to the blog again. 

A quick update on a change happening. 
I'm temporarily switching over to a different email update provider.  This will only affect those of you who have signed up to be notified via email when updates happen.  I'm hoping the switch will be automatic but it may require you to re-authorize your subscription.  Be watching for an email from Feathers From My Nest or Feedburner. 

Until next time....
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