Boiled Egg Blues

Alas, my first 'Not Martha' feather. It comes to you out of pure frustration!  (And hopes that someone can comment with a few tried and true tips to help me.) 

As you can see, no matter what technique I try, I never seem to get my hard boiled eggs to peel without tearing off large portions of the whites along with the shell. 

As I prepared my eggs yesterday, I google yet another tutorial and followed it exactly. 

--I let my eggs get room temperature.
--Placed uncracked eggs in cool water.
--Brought them to a rolling boil.
--After 2-3 minutes boiling I took them off the heat and covered them with a lid for 17 minutes.
--I then ran them under cold water and let them soak to cool for 10 minutes.

--The instructions said if we were not eating them right away I should store them un-shelled.  I placed them back in the cartons and put them in the fridge.

I was so proud of myself because I was so sure this was going to be the best batch of eggs ever.  WRONG!  I pulled my eggs out and sat down to peel them only to find that once again...1/2 the whites came off with almost every egg. I tried peeling them cold and I tried letting them get room temperature again.  Nothing seemed to make a difference.

Not to worry...we still devoured them.  Once they were filled you hardly noticed the massive imperfections. 

Am I the only one with boiled egg blues out there?  

Is there hope?  

Can anyone teach me how to get these eggs to peel without tearing up the whites?

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