Family Dinner Questions - aka Table Topics

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I came across this idea on another blog and had high hopes for the change that it would bring to our lack luster conversations we had over dinner with our kids. Our typical conversation starters had been something like "how is school."  In which they would respond "good".  "Did you do anything fun today."  Again with single word response they would reply "no".  Okay then...where do you go from there?  I had high hopes that these spontaneous topics would bring laughter and fun back to the connection we were attempting to make with our kids.  (And I knew the moment I saw it that I'd have the perfect place to house my table topics when I completed my pickle jar up-cycling decor project.  Bonus for me!! yaaa)

We used our table topics for the first time yesterday.  I couldn't believe how much my boys (who are almost 13 and 15) enjoyed them.  It was like opening up pandora's box.  Table discussions were fun, fluent and easy.  They enjoyed it so much, they drew several different topics before our meal was done.

To print off your own set of table topics visit How Does She at the following links.

How Does She - Family Dinner Questions Set 1
How Does She - Family Dinner Questions Set 2
How Does She - Family Dinner Questions Set 3
How Does She - Family Dinner Questions Set 4
How Does She - Family Dinner Questions Set 5

And if your looking for a fun gift, visit Table Topics online at   They offer a variety of topics such as girls night out, dinner party, teen, sleep over, grandparents, campfire, bachelorette, tailgating and many more.
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