Stringing Fingers

Today I went browsing at JoAnn's Fabric Store which can be a dangerous situation for me.  I never know what I'll will walk out of that place with. Luckily this trip provided a cheap project that didn't break the bank.

I found these yummy little wooden beads and my mind went wild trying to find a way to use them so I could justify the purchase.  I kept coming up with ideas for quirky-fun summer jewelry but Naomi, my 19 month old, had another plan for them.  After tearing them from her grasping little hands for the umpteenth time, I decided a compromise would benefit us both.  I came up with a little learning game to help her learn colors and fine tune motor skills.  She LOVES it!  When the newness of the game gets old and she moves on to the next adventure...I get my jewelry.  Its a win-win!
To create this quick little motor skills & colors learning game you'll need...

Container (to hold the beads)
Beads with large holes (I got these for around $2.60 with a 40% off coupon.  Jo Ann's circulates them frequently.)
22 Inches of String

1) Tie a bead on the end of the string so the beads don't fall off when strung.
2) Tightly wrap tape around 2 inches of the string on the other end.  This gives a sturdy place for those little hands to grasp.
3)  Let the stringing fun begin! (Make sure this game is done under adult supervision if you have a chipmunk like mine who likes to see how many balls they can fit in their mouth.)

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