Effective & Natural Bug Spray Recipe

 Rather than spraying my family with the chemicals found in commercial bug sprays, I use a  recipe consisting of three natural ingredients that was featured on the Dr.Oz show.

The Dr. Oz segment with this bug spray recipe demonstrated its effectiveness by setting up a tank filled with hundreds of mosquitoes.  The guest placed his arm in without any protection and the mosquitoes flocked to feast.  They then created and applied this mixture to the same arm and placed it back in the tank.  Not one mosquito feasted. After testing it out on my family, I have found our results to be the same.  Not only does this have a more pleasant smell, it is every bit as effective as a commercial spray that can be harmful and harsh on the skin (especially for toddlers and babies).


  • Lemon Eucalyptus 
  • Witch Hazel, Vodka or Rubbing Alcohol - They gave these options and said to use anything that evaporates quickly.  For obvious reasons, I didn't feel comfortable spraying my kids with vodka.  Alcohol I thought might burn if it gets into a cut.  I chose Witch Hazel since it had a list of medicinal qualities and is known for being soothing to sensitive skin.
  • Pump Spray Bottle - I found mine with the other ingredients at the health food store.

This is so simple to make.  I simply fill up my spray bottle with Witch Hazel and add 10-20 drops of the Lemon Eucalyptus.  

To Apply
I typically apply this to our skin and clothing when we need mosquito protection.  If you are sweating or out for extended periods of time, you may find that you need to reapply periodically.

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