Blog Resurection...scratch that. Blog Transformation

Its time for a blog resurrection...or rather a blog transformation. 

My life interests have changed since starting this blog.  Even though I have been wanting to collect and post these new thoughts and discoveries (mainly for easy personal recollection), I also have felt hesitant, fearing previous readers would be disappointed with the content from my new interests.  I have allowed my worry and anxiety to keep me away for way too long. 

So here is what I decided
  • Blog For Me.  I want a place to collect all of my discoveries so that I can easily find them in one location.  What others may see as random topics will be a collection of information that helps my family meet our goals.
  • Video Blog.  There are certain things I that I'm asked about over and over.  To help answer those questions easier I decided I should blog about them.  In an effort to reducing the time it takes to write about these topics and the anxiety of not being a good writer, I will try video blogging for a few posts.
  • No More Perfectionism.  I'm going to keep it real.  My house isn't a catalog home that is perfectly decorated.  I don't always have time to take studio quality pictures of things I'm blogging about.  I'm a stay at home mom who has to wait until naptime to get a shower.  And I constantly have four kids needing my attention.  As much as I would like to say that I'll be in a picture perfect home, nicely dressed, hair fixed and looking pretty for video blogs or have beautiful pictures to accessorize written posts...the reality is having a perfect presentation isn't reality for my life. Instead of procrastinating as I try to attain that perfect presentation, I'm going to keep it real and force myself to post things as is.    
So here we go...
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