Fabric Cabbage Roses

There are so many uses for these little beauties.

And I haven't even  began to list all the neat jewelry and ways you can accent your outfits.

So, is your mouth watering yet ????????

Lets not wait any longer.  Lets get started learning how to create these fabric roses.

Here is what you need:

fabric - something nylon, organza, polyester, satin or lining fabric
circle templates - FREE download link in the tutorial
needle & thread
optional - button to adorn the middle

1.  First you need to choose 3-4 different size circles for your flower.  For my big flowers I used the 5", 4", 3.5".  For the smaller flowers I used 3", 2.5", 2", 1.5".  There were times that I layered one of my small flowers in the center of a big one to give it an even thicker, more detailed appearance. For the FREE Downloadable Printable Template click here.

2.  When I first started making these I drew circles on the materials with the template and cut them out individually.  It took FOREVER!  Then I had a 'duh' moment!!!  Why don't I cut several at once?  So a helpful tip to you...cut a strip of fabric to fit the width of your template.  Then divide the strip into squares to make a stack of material.  You can then cut several circles at once-greatly cutting down on your time.

3.  Next use the heat from your candle flame to wilt the material.  You'll see it transform into a flower pedal.  If your like me, you'll probably catch a flame on it a few times.  Not to worry...that adds character.  For a flatter flower do a light wilt.  I tend to like a very wilted appearance.

4.  Now stack them up and add a couple stitches in the center to hold them together.  For added strength, you'll want to double your thread up when you prepare your needle.

5.  If you want a button or charm in the middle you can add it in at this time.  Be creative.  Buttons, Wooden Beads, Pearls, Jewels, etc.

And there you have it! 

Isn't it lovely!!!

They are even more fun when in bunches.

Now...run out to the fabric store, get your supplies and get started.  :o)  I'll post again soon with creative ideas on how to use your Fabric Cabbage Roses as jewelry, hair accessories and decor. 

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