Why I Chose Cloth Napkins - Thrifty Living = Nest Egg & Natural Living

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Today's Post:  
Why I Chose Cloth Napkins  - Thrifty Living = Nest Egg & Natural Living

Today's post is a 'double threat' and will touch on two categories;  Thrifty Living = Nest Egg & Natural Living.  As time goes on you will find that these topics go hand in hand and will almost always cross over each other. 

Switching from paper to cloth was one of the first changes I made towards living economically leaner.  Although saving trees was a consideration, it was only a minor part of my decision.  As selfish as it sounds, the truth is that I mostly wanted to save my pocketbook.  My household typically used two to three rolls of
paper towels and a package of napkins almost every week.  Even when you buy generic brands, it can add up to a significant amount of money over time; an amount that I'd much prefer having in our 'entertainment' budget.   Lets see....hmmmm......paper products or a night out eating ice cream with the family.....you weight it out and see which would be more fun. 

The first flip into using cloth that I made was to stop cleaning and drying my counters with paper towels.  Soapy dishrags and cloth towels work just as well and clean up just as much bacteria as your commercial kitchen spray.  'chaa-ching'  Savings on paper towels and no need to spend money on a commercial cleaner that is loaded with harmful chemicals!

After making the switch with my paper towels and seeing how much easier it was to clean, I decided I'd try using cloth napkins to save money there too.   (And be more environmentally friendly.)  Here are the benefits that I weighted out on this decision.
  • Even using cloth napkins on only one to two meals per week would save on paper towel purchases.
  • Washing wouldn't be difficult.  I would just throw them in with my regular loads.
  • The cost of buying pre-made napkins can be expensive but I could purchase my own material and have mine made.  This is what I did and I ended up with about 30 napkins for $15-20.  (I was recently gifted a sewing machine and taught to sew--my skills are so minimal I can barely fit into the 'i can sew category' but none the less...I can sew.  Cloth napkins are so easy to make, I can sew my own from scrap fabric to reduce the cost even more.)
  • Cloth napkins last for years and years and YEARS! 
Now, several years after making the switch, I have been spoiled to my everyday cloth napkins and will never go back to paper again.  Cloth is so much nicer to use!!  It does a much better job and doesn't tear or stick to your fingers!

In conclusion, if your looking into ways to save money, switching to cloth has been one the easier changes that I've made.  I would encourage you to give it a try and see how it works for your family.

Stay tuned for my DIY Tutorial teaching how easy it is to make your own cloth napkins.
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