Up-cycling Old Jars, Crystal Glasses and Candle Stick Holders

If your an avid blog reader, you've seen this before.  But if you haven't...you'll want to stick around.  This is another cheap and quick way to create decor for your home.


old glassware
old food jars
primer spray paint
white spray paint
gorilla glue (or something comparable)

I love up-cycling old items and finding new ways to
use them.  While I was out at the thrift stores, I collected a variety of old glassware.  A couple glass candle sticks, a big wooden candle stick, a vase, an ice cream sunday glass and a crystal martini glass.

At my house I had saved a couple small candle holders, a pick jar, a pimento jar, a coconut oil jar, an octagon Harry and Davids jar and a small octagon fruit preserves jar.

This whole project was very inexpensive.  Most of the glassware purchased was 50 cents or less.


Coat the glassware that is to be the base of your jars with primer.  Coat the lids of the jars with primer as well.  (The primer will keep any pre-exhisting color or writing from showing through.)

After your primer has dried, spray your bases and lids white.

Once the white has dried, use your gorilla glue to attach the jars to the base.  (Just a note about the gorilla glue.  This glue puffs up and expands as it dries.  Don't use too much or it will foam up and drip down your stands.)

Sit your new creations in any room.  They would be perfect for toiletries in the bathroom, candy in your living room, or filled with flowers to decorate your dining room table.

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