Strawberry Pie Made Easy and 'Delish'

I have so many posts to get online.  This particular one was created back around Easter.  I guess better late than never huh?

 If you have strawberries that you want to enjoy and you know I'll be coming'd better hide them fast! I have always LOVED eating strawberries (especially when I'm pregnant).  Most people eat them by the handful...I eat them by the quart-ful.

My grandmother makes the most amazing strawberry pies.  They taste so spectacular that I always assumed they were hard to make.  This summer I decided it was time to finally make them for myself and I realized that her recipe couldn't be easier.  This was a bitter sweet discovery.  On one hand, I could easily make pies for my family to enjoy.  On the other hand, I could easily make pies that I could enjoy...and enjoy...and enjoy...and enjoy.  You get the picture.  Once a strawberry hoard...always a strawberry hoard.


frozen pie shell (one that is already formed in aluminum pie dish)
2 quarts strawberries
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
2 Tbs cornstarch
3 Tbs strawberry jello (less than 1/2 a package)


Prick your pie shell with a fork to keep bubbles from forming as it bakes. Bake the crust ahead of time according to the instructions then let it sit to cool.

Wash your strawberries well.

I used to just run the container of strawberries under my faucet until my friend showed me how much cleaner they get when they are soaked in water. (It is even recommended that you add a small dab of dishsoap to help clean them.  I've adopted this method and was surprised to find that it doesn't leave a soapy flavor on the fruit.)

Waste not want not.  (And the last thing I want to be left wanting are more strawberries.)  Pampered Chef has this nifty little strawberry corer that keep you from wasting your berry when you remove the caps.  Its quick and easy to use.

After taking the caps off, decide if you want to use whole strawberries or sliced ones.  I much prefer to slice mine.  I think it makes the pie more flavorful.

I added the jello too soon. Follow my instructions, not my pictures.

Mix your cornstarch into your dry sugar.  This will keep the cornstarch from clumping together when you add your wet ingredients.

In a pan, add your sugar/cornstarch mixture with your water.  Heat until it has a slow boil.  Stir it continually.  You will notice that the mixture starts off cloudy.  As it cooks it will begin to change to a clearer consistency.  This is how you know its done.

Once you see it turn to a clearer consistency, add in your jello and remove it from the heat to cool. (To speed up this process you can sit your pan in a few inches of ice cold water.)

Once it is cool, pour your mixtures over your strawberries and crust.

Cool your pie in the fridge to let it set up.  Its best to let it cool overnight.  As you can see, mine typically don't make it that long and we end up eating them while they are still soupy-goupy.

Serve with a dollop of whip cream.

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